Case Study

A School’s Fundraising Success

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A school's need to fundraise

Salem Montessori School of North Carolina needed to have a large fund raiser to help facilitate it’s growth as it moved to a new location. We started with a deep dive to understand:

  • Why they need to move
  • The benefits of moving
  • Who they were trying to raise money from
  • What and how was the best way to communicate this message

Rather than build onto their existing site, we created a brand new site only for this fund raising campaign. This would keep their message clear and front of mind, and also prevent viewers from being distracted from the various competing messages on the primary school website.

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How we designed the fundraising website

We talked separately with administration, teachers and parents and leaned what information gaps existed in understanding the reasons and benefits of the move. 

We then designed a website that logically communicated the benefits and message in a clear and beautiful design that integrated an easy to use online donation platform.

Custom Photos & Video

Beautiful and original professional photography and videography brought the faces and voices of the school staff to the forefront, enhancing the emotional resonance of the campaign and providing a transparent, heartfelt view into the school’s vibrant community.


Streamlining Processes with Smart Tech Solutions

Integrating real-time fundraising software and automated email campaigns, we not only kept the community engaged but also provided the administration with valuable, instant insights into donation metrics.

We also transitioned the school to a proper easy to use email management system which significantly increased deliverability and clarity of their messages.

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Exceeding Expectations, Uniting A Community

The project ended successfully with Salem Montessori School surpassing it’s fund raising goals to 110% and successfully moving to it’s new location.

The parents and  school community became more invested and united by understanding the short and long term goals and how they benefit the school and their children as whole.